Beech tree dying


Hi there, I had an inquiry before regarding a dying dawyck beech tree. To clarity, the tree never grew leaves after it was planted in early May. I heard from a local garden centre that the tree may be just taking its time to establish. An arborist told me that the tree does look dead from all he could see. I was still curious to know why (it’s not watering issue, not environmental, then it’s the roots or it was a bad stock) so I started digging the root, and what I saw shocked me. There’s no sound root system, just a few 3-4 inches thick roots cut short, no feeder roots at all. I have attached a photo here. Would it have any chance to survive?
Much appreciated!


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Without sufficient roots to provide nutrients, plants cannot survive.

I agree with your arborist’s opinion, the tree is likely dead.

I suggest that you return the plant to the garden center where you purchased it. Garden centers typically have a 1 year (sometimes longer) guarantee on their live goods.