Begonia maculata or polka dot begonia



I am trying to locate a specific type of begonia and wonder if you can tell me where I may find one or a cutting. It’s a maculata or polka dot cane begonia



The polka dot cane begonia (Begonia maculata ) is both unique and lovely.

You may wish to look online for a Canadian retail source by searching in your browser for ‘begonias, retail’.

Do take a look at the Landscape Ontario site for a list of garden centres in your area, along with contact information, so that you can enquire about the availability of maculata begonias.

You may also wish to contact the Canadian Begonia Society. Here is the link

For more information regarding the care of polka dot cane begonias, The American Begonia Society has a website which is an excellent source of information. Please see link below.

Good luck with your search.