Best Hedging Trees?


We are looking for the best (and cheapest) low maintenance evergreen hedge to plan in our backyard close to the fence line to have privacy from the backyard neighbour whose house is much higher and we have full visibility into eachother’s homes. It’s only about 25 ft and should be something at least 3m high (we have no issues with pruning if it grows higher). The area receives full sunlight and we live in Toronto. Thanks for your help!


Making a choice for an evergreen hedge is not a difficult one.  There are many different types that can be considered and Toronto Master Gardeners has an excellent gardening guide to help:

This guide explains the various types of evergreens, their growth rates and planting and maintenance tips.  As for the cost of the types of evergreens, this will probably be something that you will have to investigate will local nurseries.  Prices can vary according to supply and location.