Best time to prune Rose of Sharon


Hi, I live in Toronto and want/need to prune my Rose of Sharon plants. They’re growing wild. It is now October (though hot this week). Am I better off to dead head and drastically prune in the coming weeks or should I wait for spring?


Pruning a Rose of Sharon can be done either in early spring or late fall, so it is really up to you when it is most convenient.  As a gardener by profession, I usually prune Rose of Sharon in late fall as I know come the spring my “to-do” list gets pretty long.  I also like to prevent the seed heads from opening as I find they easily sprout and can become more work it you have to weed them out of your garden beds.

You mentioned a drastic hair cut.  Like all shrubs, it is recommended to prune back by about a third.  If you are feeling up for it, adding some compost around the base and continuing to watering until first frost will benefit your shrub and gardens as well.

Happy pruning!

October 4, 2023