Hello. Living in gatineau quebec. I had transplanted some bloodroot from my backyard- growing naturally.
Have had to cut down many trees due to ash borer. Consequently now gardens receive more sunlight, and bloodroot foliage

is yellowing. Do i replant somewhere else or wait and see if plants will tolerate new conditions?I have many new areas being naturally reestablished due to ant, birds,wind.
This area is beautifully situated in my front yard and would hate to loose it.
An option to plant another tree is not good. I have a 2 foot diameter stump in the location.



Thank you for contacting Master Gardeners.   Bloodroot or Sanguinaria canadensis do best in woodland conditions under deciduous shrubs or trees. It is recommended therefore to move it to a shadier area in your garden. Since some experts suggest moving them when the leaf is dying back a little you could move the plant now. For more information about this beautiful native plant please refer to the following website

and a previous posting on the Toronto Master Gardeners website