Blooming Peonies


Is there anything I can do now to help the peony plants
we live in the neighbourhood just north of the TPB. Soil type is 3-in-1 mixture.


Thank you for your question to the Toronto Master Gardeners.

I take it that you live in the north part of Toronto. You said you have added triple mix to amend your soil. Here is an excerpt from an answer to a previous similar question about peony blooms. The link is attached below.

Fertilizing is definitely recommended for your peonies and will likely improve your chances of seeing blooms. They are very responsive to feeding, but care should be taken not to over-fertilize. Use a complete fertilizer such as 5-10-5, referred to as a complete fertilizer because it contains a beneficial percentage of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to promote growth flower production and root growth.

Another tip about peonies is to leave them in the spot where they are planted. They do not like to be moved. As long as they receive at least 6 hours of sun daily and the “eyes” are planted 2″ above the soil, they should thrive.

Good luck with your garden.