Blue clips campanula perennials*


Hi – would these plants do better with morning sun (east facing) or afternoon sun (west facing)? I have them in containers now, but will put them into my garden bed come September. Question is, which garden bed depending on sun requirements. Thank you.


Campanula carpatica ‘Blue Clips’ is an excellent choice for the rock garden, edging and in containers. Plants form a low, cushion-shaped mound of small green leaves, with loads of upfacing, open bells blooming early summer to fall if spent blossoms are regularly removed. (Use scissors to cut back one-third of the plant at a time. As the pruned section starts to bud, cut back another section)

Blue clips Campanula has a preference for full sun to partial shade exposition. That means the plant needs more than 4 hours of sun each day. Campanula performs especially well in regions with cool nights during the summer (less than 21Celcius).

Here is a link that you might find of use: Campanula carpatica ‘Blue Clips’

I recommend monitoring your beds every hour, from 8-5 and mark which areas have sun or shade and finally count the number of hours each area has sun. Choose the one that has more than 4 hours of sun. If you find the exact same time, I would go for the east facing bed which is generally cooler then the west one. Keep mulch under the plant to keep it cool.

Good luck and enjoy your beautiful Campanula.