Hi, I have 3 Blueberry plants in pots. A Northcountry, Vaccinium corymbosum and Northsky Blueberry. I am not sure but the Northsky or corymbosm has not flower now for 2 years. It was in flower when it was first bought but nothing since. What should I do. it seems to be growing well but nothing else.


Blueberries require at least 6 to 8 hours of full sun daily to thrive, so this is something you can determine by tracking the hours of sun and shade in the spot your containers are located, and moving them if necessary.  Three plants are considered optimal for good pollination.

Blueberries in general, and the three varieties you are growing, prefer a sandy soil, and in all cases require an acidic soil to enable flowering and fruiting.  This may be where you can do something more to help your plants out.  If you have not checked the pH level of your container soil, you should consider doing this.  Testing kits are available at major nurseries and home centres. You can amend your soil in a couple of ways, first by substituting some of the soil for a specially formulated mix for acid-loving plants.  These specialised container soils can be found at major nurseries and home centres.  You could also top dress with a pine needle mulch which will help to make the soil more acidic.  Finally, although blueberries don’t need much fertiliser, an application of a fertiliser in the early spring can be helpful, with a schedule of light monthly fertilising through the growing season, using a product formulated for acid-loving plants. Look for commercial fertilisers that are formulated for Azaleas, Camellias and Rhododendrons.

Here is some further information from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs on growing blueberries that you may find helpful as background:

Another useful article on growing blueberries in containers may be found here: