Bonsai as a Gift


Please advise where in Toronto I should buy a bonsai for my father to cultivate. And a good instruction manual.



Thank you for your question to Toronto Master Gardeners. As a shortcut for next time, I recommend using the little search box on our home page. When I entered the term bonsai, I had 10 results. You may want to read these articles for additional info.

We are mandated to teach the public about horticulture, so we cannot specify any one retailer or grower. However, the Toronto Bonsai Society ( meets monthly (actually tonight Monday, December 9) at the Toronto Botanical Garden and also conducts educational events. The Society sponsors Bonsai Shows every spring and fall. There is contact information on the website. A member of the society may be able to recommend a grower and a good book. It sounds as though you are introducing your father to this wonderful hobby so I would suggest a step by step care book for beginners so as not to overwhelm him.