Boston Ivy


I have two large Boston Ivy (one on the South and one on the North side of my house) They appear to have died over the winter. I am in Kingston, Ontario. I can see new shoots coming up from the soil that are alive and well but the mature growth on the house is doing nothing. It looks like it has sap on some of older growth — dark brown but it is hard and for sure not flowing. Did it freeze when we had a cold snap in april? Help. I am very sad about it’s death. Should I cut down the dead parts? Has this happened in Ontario in 2018. I am at work so have no picture but could attach one later today.



Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Climate is changing and is hard for plants. Plants had to manage the last drought followed by a cold winter. We have seen other reports of Boston Ivy decline in Toronto gardens.

We recommend pruning all the dead parts in order to give your plant a boost. New shoots you are seeing will develop shortly with the warmer weather. Feel free to send a photo if the new growth starts to show any other symptoms.