Boston ivy in planter


About 4-5 weeks ago I planted a Boston ivy in a planter (I have tile in my backyard). [Since the planter is quite wide, I also planted a few begonias (the location gets quite a bit of shade).] For the last couple of weeks I have seen these little ivy sprouts come out surrounding the plant around the planter, as you can see in the photo. Is this “normal” (pardon my ignorance, I am not familiar with ivy)? Should I pull them out, or will they grow and help cover the fence behind it? I would like the ivy to eventually grow on the fence behind it. Thank you.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your question about establishing Boston ivy in your garden. Your ivy is doing exactly what it should be doing. It is sending out little shoots and these will find your fence to grow up with no difficulty . In a couple of years, your fence will be covered. Make sure that this is what you want, since the ivy is a more-or-less permanent feature, and can do some damage to the fence if you try and remove it.

Another alternative for that same space could be a wisteria:

Just a few other details on Boston ivy that you may find useful:

Boston ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata)  is not really a true ivy and is in same family as grape vines: Vitaceae.

It is able to grow up vertical surfaces with small tendrils equipped with adhesive pads and, like its relative Virginia creeper, turns red in the fall.

Keep in mind that it will require annual pruning as it can be an aggressive growing vine. It is considered invasive in some US States, so please make sure you have not planted it close to a nature reserve where it can escape.

Here is a website with a bit more information: