Broken Jade


Hello. When my husband was refreshing the soil of our 30+ year old jade, it tumbled out of the pot and more than half of the branches broke off. Will this jade ever recover and fill out? It lives in south/east facing windows, and is 25” tall. It was 33” wide all around. The two main stems are 11” and 8” in circumference at their base.


Thank you for your question.  Congratulations on your 30+ year old Jade plant.  It sound like you have good general knowledge about the care of your Jade.

We do get questions about jade plants (Crassula argentea) and we have included some of these resources to assist you.

At the area where the branch has broken off, trim off any damaged parts and make a fresh cut using a clean, dry knife to allow the cut surface to heal or callous over.

Continue to keep the plant in a bright, indirect light and water sparingly until it recovers.

If you would like to propagate the pieces that have broken off,  again make a fresh cut with a clean, dry knife and  then insert the cut end into fairly dry, well-drained soil  to allow for  rooting.

Below are some links with further information about the care of a Jade Plant:

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Best of luck