Brown Tips on Cedars


My neighbour is having problems with her cedars.  The tips are turning brown.  Can you give any suggestions?



Some browning is normal; as part of growth, every tree will lose some leaves. Here’s what you can tell your neighbour about the needs of her cedars in terms of preventing more loss:

  • Cedars require more water than some trees.
  • The soil they are in will benefit from annual applications of compost and mulch.  Don’t smother the base of the tree; give it at least 4 inches of space.
  • Fertilize three times with a 30-10-10 organic compound.  The ideal months are May, June, and July.  Follow the directions on the packaging. Do not fertilize after those months.
  • Hose down with water to eliminate the presence of aphids or spider mites just in case these are causing the problem.