Browning Arborvitae


I have a row of arborvitae trees in my backyard, and one of them seem to have a section that is browning (see photo). I live in the North York area of Toronto, and the soil type is silty clay. I’d also like to mention that I recently topped up the soil around these trees with some silty clay soil I had dug up from my front yard. Could you suggest what might be wrong with this tree, and how I could help revive it and prevent spread of the browning to other branches? Thank you for your help!


Hello – Browning on arborvitae is very common and can be caused by a variety of factors.  We have had a number of questions on this issue.  I’ve copied a link below to one of our earlier posts that addresses this problem in Emerald Green arborvitae.  The problem can occur in most  arborvitae cultivars and the similarity in soil type suggests the same response may help your arborvitae.  Good luck!

Thuya’s Top Browning