Browning Cedar Trees – Part II*


I recently submitted a question called Browning Cedar Trees. I got a response which is appreciated saying that perhaps the new sprinkler system was a cause. it contained a link to other people with the same issue on your website- but the link was about pruning and fertilization. Can this be corrected? Thanks!


We are sorry the links did not address your problem. The symptoms you describe indicate a disturbance in the root zone of the cedar tree damaged the roots, and interrupted the flow of water and nutrients to its leaves. It looks like only a portion of the root system has been damaged, the plant may recover and grow a new root system to replace the damaged portion. Give it extra fertilizer and water to help it grow new roots. It’s better to use a fertilizer with a higher middle (P-Phosphorus) number such as 5-15-5 in order to encourage root growth.