Hi Master Gardener,
I live in Mississauga.
(1) I received my Orange Anniversary bulbs from the Legion too late to get them into the ground before this early snow on November 12. I trust that we will lose the snow and have some warmer days – can I still plant before Christmas if I can get them into the ground? Or would it be preferable to wait to spring?
(2) I have brought in my canna lily bulbs to store over winter. I know that they are to be stored in a cool place. I do not have any cool place inside my home. I do have an extra fridge but not sure if that would be too cool. I also have a garage attached to the house that is uninsulated and again I think it might be too cold.
Where would you recommend that I store them?

  1.   You are not alone.   Many people wait too long or receive shipments late.  Assuming your bulbs are tulips, daffodils, or any other spring-flowering bulb, it is still okay to plant them now. Early autumn is the ideal time, as it allows the bulbs to start growing roots before winter, but you can plant pretty well up until the ground freezes.

For more detailed information, please visit this similar Ask a Master Gardener post from a few years back: Is it Too Late to Plant Daffodils?

2)  The key to overwintering them is not to allow them to freeze.  The uninsulated garage may work depending on the minimum temperature over the winter.  Perhaps it is not worth the chance that they will in fact freeze there.  The extra fridge could work, again the temperature should be set between approx. 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit or 5-10 degrees Celsius.  It may be somewhat energy inefficient to do that, but perhaps you are using the fridge in any event.  You may enjoy Gardening KnowHow’s Calla lily care – tips on growing calla lilies.