Bulbs/Forced Bulbs Sources


Hi there.

I am attempting to purchase tulip bulbs to give as gifts at a seminar I am hosting in early March. I have been unsuccessful in finding any at this time.
Would you have any idea where I could find some?



Spring bulbs come available in garden centres and many other retail outlets in the fall and are generally sold out by December. It is recommended that bulbs be purchased early in the season and planted as soon as possible as they do dry out. Tulips are one of the larger, fleshier bulbs so can be planted in the ground right up until the soil freezes. Tulips can also be forced in pots to grow indoors. In this case, the bulbs must be chilled for 8-16 weeks at a temperature above freezing but no greater than 10 ° C before they will begin to grow.

I found some online sources for pre-chilled bulbs which are marketed for forcing or for climates where consistently cold conditions are not available. However, these bulbs all shipped in early December.

What you will find readily available right now in your local garden centre, many grocery stores and corner convenience stores, are forced tulips growing in pots and ready to bloom. There will continue to be a steady supply of forced bulbs through the spring. Would potted bulbs work as gifts for your March seminar?

If you’d like to read more on the process of forcing tulip bulbs, I’ve copied a link below to a good article.

Forcing Tulip Bulbs