Burgundy Maple


Last year some branches had their leaves go brown and dry prematurely. We called in an arborist. He said likely sunscorch and the drought last year. He thought they would come back in spring. Those branches were bare in spring. We had him prune some back and give it a jolt of fertilizer. I just noticed some of the leaves are starting to curl and one branch has powdery mold on the leaves. We really don’t want to lose this tree! HELP please!


Sorry to hear about your ailing Maple tree. A Burgundy red maple is a smart choice for a spot which receives full sun for the majority of the day. It grows well in any type of soil, provided it’s well-draining and doesn’t tend to stay wet or soggy for long periods. This tree needs regular water, especially when young, and its roots should not be allowed to dry out during its first year or two. Once mature, it is quite tolerant of occasional dry spells.

You did the right thing in contacting a certified arborist. They are the most qualified to assess your tree. With this year’s wet cool spring we have seen a rise in  the number of fungal diseases and as a result we have received numerous inquires concerning powdery mildew. One of our earlier posts entited White Fungus on Maple tree  gives instructions on how to deal with this disease.

Good Luck!