Cacti Care*


I live in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  My plants are indoors now.  I have divided the Cacti by cutting, letting dry, and replanting.  They did well outside in the summer, but now there is no movement.  Anything I can do to stimulate growth?  Watering advice?  Some parts of some plants look a different colour and seem soft, but aren’t dying.  Is this normal or should I cut out that part?




Many plants love outdoor conditions more than indoors.  Most cactus will thrive in the warmth and abundant sunshine of the summer, as this more closely represents their natural growing conditions.  Cactus growth will slow down in the winter when light levels and humidity are lower.

Soft spots and discolouration in cactus may be a sign of overwatering.  Please see the information attached below for valuable advice on care of your cactus.

The Toronto Cactus Society is also a good resource: