Calla Lily


I’m pretty new at gardening, I bought “Akela” Calla Lily Bulbs from Canadian Tire…I LOVE the colour…I planted them and totally ruined the bulbs within a couple of days. There are no more left at Canadian Tire and I really want them. Is there a place in Canada that has a big selection of Calla Lilies that I can order some from? So far the only places I have found are in Europe and don’t ship here.



We are not permitted to recommend where plants can be purchased.  Landscape Ontario has extensive information about various garden centres in your area.  I suggest that you search on their website, then call a few of these garden centres to see if they stock your bulbs. If they don’t, ask them if they know of a place that does have them.  Calla lilies are generally planted in the spring, after the threat of frost has passed — and it’s now mid-May, so it is understandable that supplies may be low.

I’m not sure how you ruined the bulbs, but there is lots of great information on the internet about how to grow these lovely flowers.  You may enjoy Gardening KnowHow’s Calla lily care – tips on growing calla lilies.