Calla Lily


Client’s mother received a gift of a potted Calla Lily. Although it is well watered, the edges of the leaves are turning brown and every morning and night the leaves weep. Any suggestion?



Calla Lilies (Zantedeschia) require very bright, indirect light and lots of moisture, particularly during full growth and flowering. Misting is suggested to maintain high humidity in dry rooms. Always protect your Calla from drafts (winter or A/C) and cold exposure.

Blooms will start to die and leaves will wither as plant starts to go into a dormant phase. Reduce water and let plant die down. Keep it in a cool place and do not water until early winter. Dormant plant can be left out on a balcony during the summer but protect it from rainfall. Although it can be repotted after dormancy it may not bloom as well.

Reference: Readers Digest Success With House Plants (1979).

The weeping is due to the plant’s normal functioning. Water is discharged by a process known as  ‘guttation’, which enables the plants to grow in wet conditions and prevents from water-logging. The process takes place on the hydathodes (water stomatas) which remain open during the night and day, thus the reason you see the weeping at night and in the morning. Guttation only occurs in certain plants such as grasses or Calla Lilies.

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