Calla Lily


This is the second year my Calla Lilly has grown “buds’ inside the spent flower. Last year I planted the whole thing as an experiment. Nothing grew.
What should I do with what looks like many small bulbs?


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners about your Calla Lily.

Your Calla  (Zantedeschia )has gone to seed.  What you have are the seed pods, each of which contains 1 to 4 seeds, depending on the size of the pod. The beige colour of the pod indicates that your seeds are close to being ripe.  Cut the stem below the cluster of pods and carefully remove the green growth around the pods.  To complete the ripening process,  air dry this cluster until it becomes soft, about 1-2 weeks.  You can then remove the seeds from each pod and rub off the filmy coating from each seed.  They are now ready to be planted. 

You can pre germinate your seeds in a damp paper towel.  Using this method speeds up the entire germination process.  When planted directly into the soil, the seeds will take quite a few weeks to germinate.

It will take three years for your Calla to develop flowers.  Of course, Calla lilies are tender and should be brought indoors before the frost.   

You might find this youtube video about harvesting Calla lily seeds helpful.

Good luck.