Can I plant burlapped trees in summer?


I am in Toronto and would like to plant some large trees (deciduous and evergreen) in in a part shade garden, compacted type soil.
I would also like to plant some cedars in a sunny location.
Should I wait till weather cools down, if so, what temperature is acceptable? Thanks!


Transplanting is a shock to any plant. For woody plants, the stress is even more severe than that experienced by herbaceous perennials due to the large crown and extensive root systems of woody plants. As soon as the frost has left the soil, the spring rush starts our heaviest planting season.

Your question is one that we get asked quite often. The following information is from one of our earlier posts:

“Generally deciduous trees should be planted either early in the spring, as soon as the ground can be worked, or in the autumn, between leaf-fall to the ground is frozen.  Whether you should plant in the spring or fall will depend on more on whether you are planting a container grown tree or one which will be bare-root than the particular species. The latter is planted in the spring, as they are not available in the fall.

In a year with a long wet fall, unfortunately unpredictable, in Toronto, a tree planted early in the fall would have a few months to established some roots before freeze up, and more time to continue growth in the early spring and therefore may be less susceptible to the stresses of Toronto’s hot summers.   There is information on planting trees, including timing, in the Toronto Master Gardener Gardening Guide:Planting a Tree: A Toronto Master Gardener Guide ”

Whether you plant in the spring or the fall depends upon what type of gardener you are. For fall planting to be successful the tree does need adequate water right up to the time when the ground freezes. If you don’t mulch the tree, or if you don’t water in fall, you are probably better off planting the trees in spring when you are more likely to be in the garden. Newly planted trees need regular watering especially during the first 6 months in the ground. Finally, Planting a Tree is an excellent article put out by the International Society of Arboriculture which discusses planting stress, proper placement for trees around the home and steps for planting.