Cat deterrents


My cat is regularly using my neighbors yard (under her picnic table) as a litter box. What can she do to determine him? Are there plants or scents that cats don’t like.
Thank you.


Hello! Thank you for your question to Master Gardeners.

Understandably that you are wanting to help your neighbour deter your cat from using parts of her yard as a litter box. If you have a cooperative neighbour, which it sounds like you do, there are ways to deter your cat, and also maintain that he/she is safe. I am including an article from a similar question to yours which gives a few tips your neighbour could use:  Cats In The Garden    It also mentions a few types of plants that repel cats.*Please note that putting eggshells in your garden, or any food waste, may attract other animals.

Some people use cayenne pepper or chilli pepper in the soil to discourage cats, but this  is not recommended as it can harm the cat’s eyes. I am also including a article on this: Too Hot To Handle

Good luck with this. It might take a few tries but there are ways to outsmart a cat, even though they continue to outsmart us way too often.