Cedar Hedge


Hello our small beck yard is surrounded on all sides by a cedar hedge. It is about 25 years old and about 11 feet high. At one corner our neighbour built a wooden shed right against the hedge.because of the lack of sun the bottom 8 or 9 feet are bare. Our daughter is getting married in our back yard soon and I was wondering if it is all right to spray paint the bottom of the branches green without damaging that part of the hedge? The hedge is also surrounded on the outside by a chain link fence. We have installed green privacy fence, but the branches still stand out against it. What do you suggest. Thanks for the help


Here is our response to your earlier post regarding your cedar hedge dilemma:

Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your interesting question.

Having brown cedar hedges as a background in your daughter’s wedding photos will certainly not be acceptable and I understand why you would want to green them up for this important occasion.

You have a few options.  There are a number of products on the market that can be used to ‘green up’ branches on living plants.  These products are safe for use on plants and should be available in large box stores or on line.  Products such as these are popular in drought stricken areas, especially for use on lawns.

Some garden centres will rent large plants for special occasions.  You could create a living wall to cover up the dead cedar branches.  Even cedars in pots would work well.

Good luck.