Cedar Hedges*



We live east just off the island of Montreal. We have a 10-foot high cedar hedge & wish to reduce the height. Can we cut it by 1 foot? 2 feet? Or more without killing the cedars? When is the best time of year?

We realize the hedge will not look nice at first. We have had the hedge trimmed every year but obviously not enough to keep it in check


The Toronto Master Gardeners receive many questions about cedar hedges, addressing die-back and browning, failure to thrive, pruning and general care.

I suggest that you search the Toronto Master Gardeners website for “pruning and maintaining cedar hedges” and you will find a wealth of very specific posts on keeping your hedge healthy (irrigation and mulching) and in good shape.

Here is a link to an earlier post specifically on pruning to get you started: Pruning Overgrown Globe Cedars