Hi, I have Cedars, not sure what kind they are so if you could put a name to them it would be greatly appreciated. I live in Kelowna, B.C. and deer unfortunately ate them about 2 winters ago. I am wondering if I can clean all the dead leaves and debris from under them there are two side by side? It looks so messy since the deer enjoyed their nibble. I appreciate the help, thank you.



It makes good sense to clear all the dead leaves and debris from under your cedars, and also to gently prune them to remove any dead branches, and for shape.  Deer can do major damage to cedars:  they strip leaves and branches almost down to the trunk, and as far up the trunk as they can reach.  This often gives cedar hedging the telltale narrow at the bottom/wide at the top shape.  From your photo it isn’t possible to say with certainty what kind of cedar you have.

Because you are on the west coast, where native cedars differ from eastern Canada,  it might be helpful for you to contact the Master Gardeners of British Columbia at their website, here.  They may be able to provide you with a positive identification based on local cedar varieties, as well as advice on pruning specific to the Kelowna climate.