Cherry Blossom Trees at Edwards Gardens


I would like to take my Mom, who has limited mobility to see the Cherry Blossom Trees at Edwards Gardens. The City of Toronto website states that there are 10 Cherry Blossom Trees. Are you able to tell me exactly where they are located and when they may bloom this year?
Any information you can provide me with would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Lina.



Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners about the 2019 expected dates for Cherry Blossom time in Edwards Gardens.

“As of April 28, the florets have extended and most are now in Stage 3 some are even in Stage 4! We estimate (very preliminary) that peak bloom will likely start sometime between May 2-8 in High Park” Toronto and similar dates in Edwards Gardens. It is fortunate that the swelling flower buds have survived the latest cold snap and are preparing to open.

The two Edwards Gardens locations of blossoming Cherry trees are:

  • 8 medium trees are located near the water fountain near the Edwards Garden courtyard, easily accessible from the Toronto Botanical Garden parking lot at the corner of Leslie Street and Lawrence Avenue East.
  • 2 mature trees are close to the Bridal Path entrance on the west side of the ravine. Parking for this location is free on The Bridal Path immediately South of Lawrence Avenue East.

Should you need a wheelchair for your mother’s comfort in the Edwards Gardens courtyard venue, one can be borrowed from the Toronto Botanical Garden upon leaving your drivers’ licence for security. The receptionist can facilitate this for you. The Bridle Path site is rather a long walk and driving there is more appropriate.

We are sure that you and your mother will enjoy the outing.