Hello: I am in Ottawa. I have a clematis that looks exactly like the photos I have found of “edda”, which seems to be a group 3. But this blooms early summer. It has already finished first bloom. Is it a group 3? Is there a very similar-looking clematis that would be group 2? It is purple, eight petaled (some blooms are six), with red lines in the centre of each petal and red and white filaments. The blooms are 4″-5″ across. Thank you. Kristina Gilly


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your quest for a group 2 look-alike to group 3 Edda. There are a number of deep purple large flowered clematis with a crimson central stripe and, indeed, new cultivars are being bred regularly.

Below are two that fit the general description. You may wish to surf the net further seeking “deep purple large flowered clematis with crimson stripe” although all descriptions do not include the group classification. Soil type and siting may alter the depth of colour somewhat.


This cultivar seemed closest to images of Edda.

We wish you well in your quest.