Clematis and Honeysuckle


Good morning. I am planning to plant several clematis on the trellis on the left side of the deck, for the longest blooming season I can create! I am hoping that they will be happy with lower 3 feet being mostly in shade, then full sun once they hit the trellis. I have heavy clay soil. I have many, many pollinator friendly plants in my yard (got my garden certified with the Canadian Wildlife federation!), but they are not above the fence line. This trellis is right where my neighbor bbqs every day and he has severe wasp/hornet allergies. I am wondering which clematis are less likely to attract many wasps/hornets. I am interested in Polish Spirit, Sweet Summer Love, Sweet Autumn, Jackmanii, Madam Julia Corevan. I am also wondering how honeysuckle might fit into this concern.

Thank you very much.




First, I would like to congratulate you for your very beautiful and pollinator friendly front garden. It is always nice to hear gardeners being aware and considerate of their neighbors.

There are many characteristics of plants and flowers that attract bees and wasps,  such as  colour,  vine size, blossom structure, bloom timing, but the foremost important feature is fragrance or presence of nectar.


As you may be aware some clematis varieties are more fragrant, while others are devoid of this. Hence if we examine the varieties you have shown interest

Fragrant varieties from your list;

First your ‘sweet’ group  (‘Sweet Summer Love’ and ‘Sweet Autumn’)

As the name depicts, these are both named for their fragrance, so I would discount these.

Non-Fragrant varieties from your list;

‘Polish Spirit’



‘Madam Julia Corevan’


Clematis prefer well drained, that is  slightly alkaline. You have noted your siting protects the feet of the clematis from getting too much direct sun.  So in preparation for planting , you may want to consider some soil amendment to lighten up the soil .


While honeysuckle vines may vary in their fragrance, they all produce an amount of nectar that will attract bees and wasps, so this may not fit your requirements.

Enjoy your new additions to your garden.