Climbing rose for east-facing fence


I am looking for a climbing rose that would grow along an east-facing fence in my garden, on the south side of my property.  The fence is made of wood and approximately 5 feet tall, give or take.  I would prefer something in white or pale pink.  A few that I am considering include:

Claire Austin climber (though I’m not keen on the cream/pale yellow tinge),

The Generous Gardener (gorgeous blooms, just wondering if it is too big and whether the canes are flexible for horizontal growth), and

Madame Alfred Carriere (this is the biggest of the lot and from what I’ve read, may be too vigorous and vertical in growth with rigid canes for my purpose).

I’m open to other suggestions and any tips/advice.


Roses are one of the most popular choices of flowers for the garden.  They are loved for their colour, fragrance and beautiful blooms.

According to the Greater Toronto Rose and Garden Horticultural Society, the easiest climbers to grow and the more disease resistant pale pink varieties are, ‘New Dawn’, ‘Galway Bay’, and ‘Aloha’ – see link below:

You might also wish to consider: ‘John Cabot’ ‘Angela’ and ‘Coral Dawn’.

You may like to review the growing, watering and fertilizing requirements for roses from one of our earlier posts – again, please see link below:

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