Climbing rose


I have a spot next to a wooden deck with railings and posts I’d like to train a climbing rose over. The spot is a south west exposure with full sun almost all day. I live on the Scarborough bluffs about 500 M from the lake. Can you recommend an aggressive, fragrant climbing rose for this spot, bonus if it comes in yellow? Many thanks in advance.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

There are a number of yellow climbing roses that fit your criteria however they are only hardy to zone USDA 5b which is the equivalent to our zone 6b. The following  for your consideration are all yellow fragrant climbers which will definitely require winterizing: ‘Roberta Bondar’, ‘Ghislaine de Féligonde’, Kordes® Golden Gate, Kordes® Moonlight

With the winds coming off of the lake it would be better for you to consider a rose that is hardy to a zone 4.

‘John Cabot’: This long-shooted pillar rose owes its habit and glossy foliage to the Rosa kordessii. It can be used as a climber and will reach 3 m in a good site. It will tolerate temperatures of -35°C without winterkill. The double blooms are soft red in bud, opening to deepest orchid pink. It has a second flush of flowers in late summer. Lightly fragrant.

‘Henry Kelsey’: This was the first hardy climber that was a true red. The semi-double blooms open to reveal bright yellow stamens. Its rambler-like habit makes it suitable for tying to fences or upright on a trellis.

Landscape Ontario has an excellent article on Exploring Explorer Roses