Clover Attracting Deer and Rabbits?


I am thinking that planting clover as a ground cover will attract deer and rabbits. Am I correct?


Thanks for your interesting inquiry–it’s unclear whether or not you want to attract deer and rabbits by planting clover. Yes, deer and rabbits do enjoy browsing on clover; the question is what other food (plants) might be available to them in a particular area. How large an area do you want to plant clover as a ground cover? Clover is an excellent plant to use as it is nitrogen-fixing for the soil, is a low-maintenance plant and will remain green during periods of drought.

If you are trying to attract deer and rabbits to your yard and there is not much else growing around your property that might offer a more interesting food source, the clover will be very attractive to them. On the other hand, if you are looking for something that will not attract deer or rabbits, you can incorporate a variety of plants around the area in which you want a clover groundcover with plants that will deter these animals. Or make sure that there are areas with plants that they prefer away from the area where you would like the clover to grow.

If you are looking for another groundcover that would not attract rabbits and deer, please consider other possibilities. See: .

Good luck with the rabbits and deer.