Coffee Arabica plant turning brown *


I am in Zone 5a. I bought a plant that was labeled Tropical Foliage a while ago and have recently found out it is a Coffee Arabica plant. I am keeping it as an indoor plant.

My plant has been loosing leaves and the stems have turned brown. There are four separate stems. Putting it in a West facing window and putting in a larger pot has helped a bit as leaves have been growing quicker. The plant is now turning brown on the bigger leaves as well. Another issue is that my plants have soil gnats.

Should I repot each individual plant of the four to new pots? This pot doesn’t have drainage holes, I am thinking I should have put them in one that does? I also have soil gnats. How long can I go without watering?

I am very new but very excited to learn.

Thank you!



The fact that your planter does not have any drainage holes is very likely the cause of the yellowing leaves and stem browning.  The roots of plants require air circulation in order to remain healthy.  Having no drainage is essentially drowning the roots, causing the stems to rot.

Immediately re-pot the plants into pots with drainage holes and if possible, add a layer of gravel at the bottom to improve drainage.  Use a good quality and slightly acidic potting soil in the planters.  Potting soil allows for good drainage.  If the plants aren’t already too far gone, they may recover and thrive.

You might also consider the location of your plants.  In nature, the Arabica Coffee plant grows in mountainous locations where there is plenty of humidity and fog.  If there is too much sun, the leaves will scorch.

Here is a link to a website that might be helpful.