combine daffodils and hosta?


Hi There
I planted some daffodils ( in a garden under a birch tree) last Fall, hoping for some colour in the Spring. Can I plant some hosta with the daffodils and expect both species to do well? Is there a particular species of hosta I should use or avoid for this application?


I can personally attest to the fact that they grow well together. Hostas and daffodils are a good combination as the leaves of the hostas will eventually cover the untidy daffodil leaves after they bloom. What you have to be aware of and match is the sun/shade requirements. Daffodils can be grown in sun and light shade like that under open deciduous trees. They grow and flower before the trees have leafed out. Planting them under a birch tree is an excellent idea. It casts a light shade. If daffodils continue to get some sun after blooming, they will be able to replenish their bulbs for the next year.

The hostas start coming up as the daffodils are finishing blooming. While hostas can take much more shade, most will thrive in partial shade and some can even take a fair bit of sun. There is a huge variety to chose from and there are new varieties coming on the market every year. You may want to grow medium size hostas  for a more delicate effect combined with the light touch of the birch tree. You can use smaller varieties along the edge to give a variation in height. Some of the bluish leaf colours might be a nice contrast with the white birch and many are also less attractive to slug damage. Blue Moon, Hadspen Blue, Halcyon are all small to medium sized while Bressington Blue is medium size with puckered leaves. Or Рyou may want hostas with cream colour in their leaves to add light to the shade and complement the white of the birch. Carol, Francee, Wide Brim are just a few of many. Look on line for nurseries selling hostas and you can view the photos and descriptions and select some you like. By the way some hostas, especially newer varieties, have lovely flowers, even scented. Something to look forward.

I have also included a link to an answer to a previous question about growing daffodils and hostas.