Common Hackberry


I planted this tree about seven years ago and it’s done very well. Trunk diameter at the ground is about 5 cm. Height is about five metres. I don’t like to have to weed. I’ve just notice some small seedling trees below it, but more disturbingly I found a 70 cm. long sucker of the same tree growing obliquely out of a long shallow root, about 3 M. away from the trunk. Are these trees known to produce such suckers? How many more am I likely to get? This is one factor of the pros and cons as I think about removing the tree due to likely overcrowding in the future.
Thank you.


Than you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your inquiry.

Unfortunately Common Hackberry is a tree that is prone to suckering, particularly if the tree is in some way stressed , or wounded.

There are different ways of removing suckers, but unfortunately it is inevitable that they will return.