Container Gardening Soil Disposal


I am a container gardener with a focus on edibles (herbs,vegetables) etc.  I need to change my soil this year and I’m wondering if there is a pick-up service?  I don’t drive or have access to a car and I want to switch over all my soil this year.  Do you know of a soil pickup?


I don’t know what volume of soil you have, or what kind of location you are in, but it sounds like you have a lot of large containers.  You do not state what type of accommodation you are in, but I’m guessing you might be up in a condominium far from any planted borders or bushes where you could conveniently spread your discarded soil.

If that’s the case, I’m wondering how you obtain your fresh incoming soil?  Perhaps the company who delivers the new soil can return to pick up their container when you’ve filled it with the old?  Or if you get smaller, manageable bags of new soil, then you could fill them back up with the used soil afterwards and just put them out with the green bin waste.

On a side note, container soil does not need to be changed each year, we recommend changing just a third of it, as this solves the disposal problem but also maintains adequate nutrient levels for plant growth.