Containing Bindweed


I am dealing with bindweed in both my garden and my lawn. I know the only way to eradicate it is to keep cutting it off at ground level which I am doing in the garden, but not able to do in the lawn. I do pick the flowers off before they go to seed. My question is this – I have purchased garden edging that extends about 8 inches below ground. Will this keep more bindweed from creeping into the garden?


Bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) is very difficult to eradicate. It sounds like you are using best practices for trying to prevent its spread. Aside from cutting at ground level, you can also try mulching and planting other things that compete for space and sunlight.

It is unlikely that an edging with a depth of 8 inches will prevent bindweed because its roots can be several metres in depth and diameter.

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture has a factsheet with further information on controlling bindweed, as does the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources. It sounds like you are controlling all recommended management practices such as controlling seeds and vigilance in removing top growth. Application of herbicides is an option but these are regulated in Ontario so we recommend using other integrated pest management approaches (like the ones mentioned above and in the factsheets) as your first steps.

June 4, 2022