Corn plant (Dracaena) leaves turning yellow at the tips


Corn plant near window facing east. When some leaf ends turned yellow..I trimmed them correctly…but the yellow came back even more! Have very many house plants for years and never experienced this before. Is it possible, it’s diseased?


Browned/yellowed leaf tips on corn plants (Dracaena fragrans) can be caused by fluoride or boron, so it is suggested that you water with non-fluoridated water (use distilled or filtered water).  As well, fluctuations in temperature, overwatering, over-fertilizing and calcium deficiency can cause these issues with leaf tips.  Low humidity can also cause the leaf tips to become dry.

Corn plants prefer the following conditions:

  • Temperature: 15-24 degrees C (60-75 degrees F) is ideal, and it does not like drafts.
  • Light: Avoid direct sunlight. Try and place them near a window where they will get filtered sun.
  • Water: Keep the soil slightly damp.
  • Soil: Loose, well-draining potting soil should be used. Consider whether it is time to repot your plant, especially if it is pot-bound.
  • Fertilizer: Light fertilization is helpful, as the plants store nutrient in the canes.Calcium supplements can help prevent leaf-tip burn.

Finally, note that the leaves of the corn plant only live for 2-3 years, so often older (lower) leaves on these plants turn yellow.  When they start to yellow,  remove them.