Cost Calculator*


Do you have link you can provide for cost calculators, so I can outsource some of the work to a landscaper? I just want to do my due diligence. I just can’t do some of the work I took for granted when I was younger. I can use a spreadsheet, but some of this stuff I can’t figure out, like labour. It’s also high season, and I don’t want to be taken advantage of. Thanks.



Unfortunately Toronto Master Gardeners does not have a cost calculator to which I can refer you.

However you should be able to get information about costs from either Landscape Ontario (through which you can get in touch with local landscaping firms), or from your local garden centre, or a referral from someone you know. Landscaping firms charge by the job, or by the hour, and the costs are likely to vary quite a bit between firms and also vary depending on the kind of work that you want done, i.e. lawn maintenance, landscape maintenance, landscape design and build.  In addition to doing your cost due diligence, I strongly suggest that you do due diligence about the firm itself, getting either references or checking out the Better Business Bureau listings, with a view to finding out if the firm is reliable, punctual, knowledgeable etc, as, this can also vary greatly among firms.

Good luck!