Covering Cedar Hedge


I was wondering when should I cover my established cedar hedge.
Is it just before the first frost I should do it, or when is the best time.
I have heard to do it in the fall but that sounds to general.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Thanks for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners. Established cedar hedges don’t necessarily need to be covered in the winter. However recently planted hedges do benefit from a burlap barrier. The following conditions are reasons why it would be beneficial to cover your cedars
1) Deer eat the cedars
2) The hedge is susceptible to salt damage
3) There are heavy winds in your area
4) The climate in your area has heavy snow falls or ice storms
A burlap barrier with stakes and the burlap positioned 2 to 3 inches away from the plants will help to protect the hedge from deer, salt and wind damage. In the case of heavy snow or ice storms, the top of the hedge would have to be covered as well. Hammer pointed 1×2 stakes into the ground before it freezes. When cold weather arrives (late November to early December), staple burlap to the posts.
Two other things you can do to prepare the hedge for the winter include:
• Watering plants sparingly throughout early autumn and then in late autumn give the hedge a deep watering.
• Putting mulch around the bases of the cedar trunks taking care to keep the mulch 3 inches away from the trunks.
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