Dahlia flower plant


May 19 ,2023

I recently bought a Dahlia flower plant , I placed it on my balcony as I do not have a flower garden
I live in a condo

The flowers of my plant have wiltered , so I
carefully snipped off the dead flowers

I’m wondering will the flowers come back during the summer months.

Daryl S , Canada


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners,

Dahlia’s bloom continuously, there will be future blooms on the dahlia you purchased. Most importantly growing dahlias in containers (personal experience) is to make sure the pot does not dry out.  Pinching the tips will assist in keeping the plant bushy and at a manageable size.  Dahlia’s will need to be regularly fertilized with a low nitrogen fertilizer at least once a month, and many will need to be staked so they don’t fall over. The fertilizer should have a low first number as you want to grow healthy blooms 6-24-24. The first number is nitrogen which you do not want as it promotes the growth of leaves. Therefore any fertilizer with a low first number N e.g. 10-20-20. 

You do not mention the direction of your condo and the amount of light the dahlia will be receiving.  The Toronto Master Gardener Website provides information  “Balcony Garden: Container Gardening: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide.” Container Gardening

You will find information the size of the container, soil required, what fertilizer to use. The American Dahlia Society also provides information on growing Dahlias in pots, please scroll down to topics “Until the end of August” . Growing Dahlias in Pots