Dappled willow border near foundation


Hello, I’d like to plant a row of dappled willows about 9 ft. out from the foundation of my house. My plan is to keep them trimmed to a height of about 6 ft. If so, do you foresee any potential risk to the foundation? I know that full-size willows are a no-no where houses are concerned because of the aggressive root system.



Although normally pruned much shorter, the shrubs naturally want to get as tall as 15-20 feet and therefore the root system can be that large in diameter.

If you are looking at the tree form, that may have been grafted on a larger willow type, with a large root system, also.

I think it would be better to be cautious and plant these trees further from your house.

Here is a good description of the plant and the conditions it requires


September 1, 2021