Dealing with creeping charlie


Do you have any suggestions for getting rid of creeping Charlie? I have patches of it in my lawn. I’ve been trying to rip it out manually but am beginning to be overwhelmed by the task. I’d rather not use nasty chemicals since I have a veggie garden and raspberries nearby. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!



Thank you for reaching out to the Toronto Master Gardeners with your question about Creeping Charlie.  We receive many such queries as this weed is one the “most un-wanted” in lawn care.  While there are many recommended methods out there, they are not all successful as there is no one “silver bullet” solution.

You mentioned hand pulling, that is the safest method and if the problem is not too severe and you are diligent you may have some success, especially after a heavy rainfall when the rhizomes are easier to pull.

Another recommended method is by adding corn gluten to your lawn, this however is only effective if used very early in the spring before weeds emerge.  I agree with your sensitivity around the herbicide use, especially knowing that again the use of these chemicals is only effective at very specific times of year.  I would urge you to read the links I have provided below detailing these methods, but I will also include link on Soil Solarization.  This may be a drastic measure, but if your lawn is too far gone to save by hand pulling, you might consider this non chemical technique that uses the heat of the sun to kill off weeds so you have a clean slate from which you can restart and try to achieve a healthy lawn that is able to withstand a weed invasion.  Good luck with your lawn – and your veggies too!

How To Kill Creeping Charlie Plant

Here is the link to Soil solarization: