Disposing of balcony trees?*


I bought four fruit trees for my balcony but after a few years they got a disease that killed them. I live in a cooperative in downtown Toronto and although we have organic recycling there is no viable disposing of trees? Do I just leave them beside our garbage bins or on our curbside garbage containers? I am trying to be ecologically sensitive.


The City of Toronto does have a special program for the collection and composting of yard waste. You will need to check with the property management for your cooperative to see if these services are applicable for your building. Here’s how it works.

Yard waste is picked up every other week on the regular garbage pick-up day.

Yard waste must be in either rigid, open topped containers or the large kraft paper bags sold at grocery and hardware stores for this purpose.

Tree limbs and trunks must be less than 7.5 cm (3 inches) in diameter for this program. Residents must make their own arrangements with private contractors for larger trees.

If you’d like to read more about this service, I’m including below the link to the City of Toronto site that contains information on yard waste collection.

City of Toronto Yard Waste Collection