Do Lily Beetles Eat Oriental Lilies?


Lily beetles ate my Asiatic lilies. Do they also eat Oriental lilies? I know they don’t eat daylilies.


Scarlet Lily Beetles or Lilioceris lilii are also known as Red Lily Beetles and Lily Leaf Beetles. Whatever you call them, they are a pest and unfortunately will eat Oriental Lilies and all true lilies and Fritillaria.

This question is not uncommon at this time of year, so I have attached the response of a previous Toronto Master Gardener from our website. I also added a link to the OMAFRA gardeners handbook: insect control on ornamental plants for your reference.

The University of Maine studied the beetle and discovered that some cultivars are more resistant to beetle infestation. The top three are Lilium henryi ‘Madame Butterfly’, Lilium speciousum ‘Uchida’ and Lilium ‘Black Beauty’. All three can be grown in Ontario.