Do you have piper auritum?


Hi, good morning. I’m trying to find the plant piper auritum. By any chance do you have. I really I would like to buy that plant.

Thanks so much


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners about Piper auritum (common names : hoja santa, Mexican pepper leaf, root beer plant, Vera Cruz pepper). P. auritum is a tropical plant (grown as a small tender shrub or a tree in its native range), and it would not overwinter here in the Toronto area. It is grown for culinary and medicinal purposes, and its native range extends from southern Mexico to Columbia. It is an invasive species that has been introduced in Florida and Hawaii. Its leaves contain safrole which is a carcinogen. Health Canada has identified safrole as prohibited substance in all foods.

There is more information about P. auritum here.

I am not aware of any Canadian sources for this plant.