Dog proof perennials


Hello,I heard you on cbc radio and thought I’d send you a question. I have a small backyard with a big golden retriever who tramples my plants and urinates on them. Nothing in the back has survived. Plus it’s A shady area. Can you suggest some dog tolerant plants. Thanks !


Here is a link to a similar inquiry with a few ideas that may be helpful.  Another Toronto Master Gardener offers a personal list of plants that have withstood dog urine:  Variegated Moor Grass, Roses, Day Lilies, and Lady’s Mantle. She notes that her success may have something to do with regular watering, which helps to flush away the nitrogen found in uric acid.

If you do an online search of “perennials resistant to dog urine” there are numerous popular blogs and articles on the subject, but this will not help with the trampling.  Would you consider larger shrubs that could stand a better chance against a larger dog?  If you could protect them with a barrier until they reach an “un-tramplable” size, then perhaps you could then plant shade loving perennials beneath them in a more protected spot?  Here is a Toronto Master Gardeners guide to ornamental shrubs for all light conditions.  There may be some there that appeal to you, and that could work in your shady garden.