I wonder if you could let me know if there are any plants (ideally perennials) that I could plant in my Toronto shade garden that are resistant to dog urine? Sadly, there are a lot of dogs in my neighborhood that treat me garden as a restroom!
Thank you in advance!


I did find that if you enter ‘perennials resistant to dog urine” in your search engine you will end up with links to several articles on the subject, but I cannot guarantee that the recommended plants will survive under the conditions you describe.

Our own website has an answer to a previous question similar to yours:

I have a garden on both sides of the sidewalk and the plants I have are not affected by dog urine so I can tell you what I use: Variegated Moor Grass, Roses, Day Lilies, and Lady’s Mantle. My success may have something to do with regular watering, which would flush away the excess nitrogen in the uric acid.

Best of luck to you.