Don Juan Rose


Hi, I planted a Don Juan rose last fall and it was beautiful. So far this spring there isn’t any shoots coming out yet, is it too early to expect to see them ?



Spring Shoots on Roses

Hi.  Thank you for submitting your question to the Toronto Master Gardeners!  You didn’t mention where you are located so as you suggest, it just may be too early to see leaf buds on your ‘Don Juan’ climbing rose.  Some roses will be starting to leaf out, but others may take awhile yet.  The location of your  rose will also be a factor as the amount of light, water and temperature will impact plant growth in the spring.  If you have green canes, then it is almost certain that shoots and leaves will be along soon.

Remove winter protection gradually and hold off on pruning until you see the leaf buds beginning to swell.

You may be interested in advice from the Missouri Botanical garden regarding winter protection of roses and removal of protection in the spring, which can be found at


The Toronto Master Gardeners’ Guide to Rose Pruning may also be helpful.