Dwarf or Small Trees


I live in the Durham region and am wondering if you can give me the names of a few dwarf trees that will grow well here. The shorter the better. The area I intend planting them in, is west facing and has sun for 4-5 hours at least daily, actually more.


You did not provide much information as to the size of your garden or any preferences you have regarding trees.  As well, rather than just considering “dwarf” tree varieties, perhaps just “smaller” trees might be of interest.  Accordingly, below are links to some websites that may help you narrow your search.

These resources suggests factor to consider in selecting the tree(s) you want – other than the nearly full-sun that you mention above, the following are important: the form (upright, horizontal, weeping), deciduous versus evergreen, showiness (flowers, fruit, bark, autumn leaves), winter interest, ease of care, soil requirements, hardiness.  As well, the authors makes several suggestions as to tree varieties that may be of interest.

The Montreal Gazette’s Not too big, not too small: Trees for city gardens reminds gardeners that sometimes dwarf trees may not be the most desirable – they can interfere with visibility and be quite intrusive.  Although dwarf varieties are generally quite short, their lower branches will be much closer to the ground than branches of taller tree varieties.

Once you have narrowed down characteristics of the tree(s) you are seeking, please contact us if we can be of further assistance.  Have fun in your search!